CouriersPlease wins industry awards for franchise excellence and sustainability

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This week, CouriersPlease has won two significant industry awards: the Franchise Excellence Award at the Australian Retail Innovator Awards and the Sustainability, Inclusivity or Diversity Innovation Award at the Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Australia Awards 2024.

The Franchise Excellence award was due to the exceptional efforts across the CouriersPlease network in delivering innovative and efficient franchising operations. This recognition is shared by the entire team, whose hard work underpins our success across more than 800 franchise territories.

The Sustainability, Inclusivity or Diversity Innovation Award from the VIP Australia Awards 2024 acknowledges our proactive approach towards eco-friendliness and workplace diversity. Our initiatives, such as introducing eco-efficient depots and ensuring a leadership team that reflects our diverse community, signify our commitment to these critical areas.

These awards reflect our ongoing dedication to providing exceptional service and fostering an inclusive, sustainable business model. We remain committed to delivering innovative logistics solutions while nurturing a responsible and inclusive corporate culture.