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Disaster Levy

As we navigate through the implementation of the Disaster Recovery Surcharge, it's imperative to ensure clarity and transparency regarding its application and implications. 

We've compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions to address common queries and concerns. Your understanding and cooperation are crucial as we work together to navigate through this period effectively. 

Please call us on 1300 36 1000 if you have further questions or require clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the fee come into effect?

The fee becomes effective from March 18th, 2024. Consignments manifested with CP from this date onwards will incur the fee.


How much is the surcharge?

The surcharge is 20% and will applied to the total freight charge. 

Will it include any fuel surcharge?

No, it will be applied on top of the original charge, which already incorporates any freight charge and fuel surcharges.

Which lanes does it apply to?

This surcharge applies to consignments traveling interstate to and from Western Australia.

When can I expect to receive my bill?

Billing is expected to commence from 8 April 2024, as we prepare the necessary data.

How often will you bill it?

Billing will occur fortnightly from 8 April 2024.


When will the surcharge period end?

The surcharge will continue until further notice, as there is no confirmed date for the reopening of the Perth rail line. Updates will be provided fortnightly.

Will the surcharge be quoted in the API?

No, as this fee is short-term, it will not be included in our API.

Is it applied to each consignment or displayed as a total additional charge in the invoice (like EOFC)?

It will be billed as a total additional charge, with supporting documents provided as an ad-hoc invoice.

Will each consignment line in the invoice show a 20% higher price, or will there be a new levy in the totals section of the invoice?

No, it will be billed as a separate ad-hoc invoice.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please reach out to our commercial team or our Customer Service Centre. We are here to assist you.