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Dear valued Brisbane Customers,

This is to notify you with our Ekka Show Day in Brisbane we will be operating between 8am – 4pm Wednesday 12th August.

Track the Progress of a Parcel

EzyTrak™ is a system that enables you to track your parcel anywhere throughout the course of its delivery.

It utilises the POD (proof of delivery) scanner to monitor every step of the journey.

   1. Enter the Coupon or Label Number
       Firstly, enter your coupon or label number, then click on the
       Submit button to search.

2. View the Result on the Next Screen
The results will then be found on the next screen, including:

  • The date and time when your parcel was first picked up;
  • Each time your parcel changed hands along the way;
  • An image of the received signature (proof of delivery or POD)
    Ezy trak screenshot



EZYTRAK™ Gives you Peace of Mind

From the moment your parcel is picked up to its successful delivery, your parcel is tracked every step of the way with our hi-tech POD scanners to feed you
with the most up-to-date information on the exact location of your parcel.


The EzyTrak™ tracking system can be found on the home page.